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Welcome to Autumn Term in Swallows class! 

Here you will find information about the Swallow Class Curriculum, homework, spellings and photos of the children working in class.

This term as well as the usual Maths and English, we will be looking at Electricity and Light in Science, The Romans in Topic and the Qu'ran and how God communicates with people in RE.  It's going to be a busy start to the year!

Week commencing 27th February

We have three exciting days this week: on Monday we will be having our own mini "fashion show" in Swallows class; on Tuesday it is Shrove Tuesday; and on Thursday, World Book Day!  We hope to have some pancake races on Tuesday and of course look forward to all the children coming in dressed as their favourite book characters on Thursday.  We would be grateful for a donation of £1 for this; it will go towards new books for our library, so is a worthy cause.


In addition to all this, we will of course be running our usual curriculum.


In Maths, we are looking at place value and subtraction; and in addition for year 6, ratio and proportion.

In English we are continuing to look at reports and journalistic writing.

In Science we will look at fossil identification.

RE begins to look at symbols in religion and in particular, Christianity.

Our topic is Anglo Saxons, and we are looking at the places that the Anglo Saxons settled and the legacy of place names they have left behind.

In Art, as it falls on World Book day, we will be entering the "Design a Book Token" competition.


Yet another busy week in Swallows!

Week commencing 20th February


Welcome back after half term to Swallow Class!  We hope you are all well rested and ready for the weeks ahead.


In maths this week we will look at measurement and will have a lovely practical day on Wednesday, estimating, weighing and measuring lots of items.

In English we begin looking at reports and will write our first report on The Emperor's New Clothes.

In Science we look at how fossils are formed, and where to find them.

In RE we introduce our topic of Symbols.

In Topic we introduced the Anglo Saxons.


We are looking forward to the term ahead; we hope you are too!

Week commencing 30th January 2017

This week we will be having some assessments.  This is nothing to worry about; it is merely to gauge the children's progress from September to date.  Therefore the timetable will be a little different this week.  There will be two maths assessments and a reading, spelling & grammar and writing task.  Otherwise lessons will take place as usual, with the following emphasis:

Maths - area, perimeter and volume

English - writing our "Eco" version of Cinderella

Topic - how Tsunamis are created

Science - Mary Anning; her life and achievements

RE - key places in the mosque

Art - creation of some Weather art.

PE - swimming on Tuesday and basketball on Friday.

I'm looking forward to another packed week at Culham!

Week commencing 5th December 2016

This week, as well as the excitement of the Panto on Monday, we are looking forward to the following:

Maths: BODMAS and percentages

English: Writing our own endings of "The Highwayman" and also a news article based on the poem.

Science: Using our scientific skills to eliminate another of our suspects - this time looking at splitting light into its constituent colours.

Art: Creating games for the Christmas Fair, which we are looking forward to attending on Friday.


Week commencing 21st November

In a brief hiatus, we are having a normal week before the excitement of the run-up to Christmas begins!

In maths, we are continuing to look at time, and will then revisit fractions.

In English, we will be looking at and composing more Performance poetry.

In Science, we continue to investigate our "missing" laptop.

In Art, we will be beginning an exciting project for the church - our very own stained glass window to display over Christmas.

Instead of Topic this week, we are going to examine how were are growing up in our country today, and take part in a project by First News to create a snapshot in time of the life of a young person in 2016, as told by the children.

The children will swim on Tuesday as normal, and we will be doing outdoor PE (hockey) on Friday.  Please ensure the children have the correct kit - long joggers are essential at this time of year.


Looking forward to our Christmas Fair, could I please ask for any old (clean!) black, white, or stripy socks you may have lurking around the house.  They do not even need to come in a pair - singles will do!

Week commencing 14th November 2016

This week we will be looking at:

Maths: measures and conversions.  We will be looking at the relationships between metric and imperial measures, and constructing graphs to enable us to easily convert between the two.

English: We are using performance poetry to look at descriptive methods, use of apostrophes and subjunctive tense.

Science: We continue our look at Light by using "evidence" gathered at our "crime scene" to find out how tall the perpetrator could have been.

Art: we continue to make Christmas decorations in preparation for the end of the year - only 6 weeks to Christmas Day!

Topic - we are looking at the Runnymede Discovering Romans website to look at actual evidence of British Romans living in or near Winchester.


We also have our swimming gala on Wednesday afternoon - please return slips as soon as possible if you would like your child to take part.

We have professionals from Drayton Golf club coming to give short "taster" sessions on Thursday afternoon.

Friday is Children in Need day - please bring a small contribution to school in return for being able to dress in spots - the spottier, the better!








Ten pupils from Swallow Class had a fantastic time at Grove Rugby Club today for the schools rugby championships.  We are very proud to announce that we topped our league, although we were narrowly defeated in the quarter finals.  All players were a credit to themselves and the school, showing great sportsmanship and a wonderful team effort.  Congratulations!
Picture 1
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Picture 4

Week commencing 7th November 2016

This week we have a number of exciting events:

On Monday 10 pupils travel to Grove Rugby Club for the Tag Rugby championships.  Good luck to all involved!

On Tuesday and Thursday we have parents evening; if you have not yet signed up, please do so as soon as possible to claim your slot.

On Wednesday we have a surprise guest - Titus the Roman soldier - who will be visiting us for the day and teaching us a little more about our topic, the Romans in Britain.

On Friday we have the Remembrance service in the church which I am sure will be well attended by staff, pupils and parents alike.

All this, and in addition we need to fit in some classwork!  In English we are looking at explanation texts; in Maths we are looking at decimals and place value.  In Science we begin our investigation to find out who "stole" the missing laptop.

As you can see, another very busy week in Swallows class...!

Week commencing 17th October

This week in maths we will be focusing on both mixed number fractions and short division.  In English we will be writing our own stories, given 6 story starts to choose from.  In Topic we will be looking at how  archaeological evidence shows how people lived thousands of years ago.  In science we will be drawing a safety poster on how to stay safe around mains electricity.  It's going to be a busy week to round the first half of term off!

Week commencing 3rd October

This week we will be working on:

Maths - 2d shape, continuing to look at angles and working out shape facts given partial  information.  We are going on to look at written multiplication using grid method and compact method.

English: Speech marks.  We will look at another WWI based book - War Game, by Michael Foreman.  We will also look at some WWI poetry.

Science - the affect of wire length on the efficiency of a circuit.

Art - we will be using the dried pulses brought in by the children to make a mosaic based on our design completed last week.

Topic - we will look at the life of a Roman soldier; writing an application letter for a position in the army or imagining a day in the life of a soldier.

Week commencing 26th September

This week we have been working on:

Maths - 2d shape, classification and identification.  We have also looked at angles; learning that the internal angles of a triangle always add up to 180 degrees, and a circle 360 degrees.

English: We continue to work on our class novel "War Horse" by Michael Morpurgo.  We have been writing letters home from Joey the horse to his boy, Albert, telling him of his adventures on the battlefields.  We have also been converting the story into a play script.

Science - we have been investigating the affect of different voltage on circuits.

Art  - Mosaics!


This term you have the opportunity to use your imagination on the theme of Romans!  Create something to wow your class and Mrs Whiting; it could be a Roman helmet; mosaic; model of the Colosseum or anything else - as long as you stick to the Roman theme!  Homework is due in the week commencing 24th October.

Year 6 present their Aprons (thanks to Mrs Elwood for assisting them)

Year 6 present their Aprons (thanks to Mrs Elwood for assisting them)  1
Year 6 present their Aprons (thanks to Mrs Elwood for assisting them)  2
Year 6 present their Aprons (thanks to Mrs Elwood for assisting them)  3
Year 6 present their Aprons (thanks to Mrs Elwood for assisting them)  4
Year 6 present their Aprons (thanks to Mrs Elwood for assisting them)  5
Year 6 present their Aprons (thanks to Mrs Elwood for assisting them)  6
Year 6 present their Aprons (thanks to Mrs Elwood for assisting them)  7
Year 6 present their Aprons (thanks to Mrs Elwood for assisting them)  8

World Book Day (03/03/16) - The classroom was filled with a selection of book characters.


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