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Spring 1 & 2



We have had a really busy start to Spring term 1.  Have a look at our photographs below to see what we have been up to.


Physical Development: During PE we have been practising our throwing and catching skills and learning lots of exciting games.   On Monday we all take part in Fine Motor Skills (to have develop the muscles in our hands) by using playdough to need, roll, squeeze.  We then complete a task to further develop and strengthen our hands, wrists and shoulders.  This term during fine motor skills lesson we are focusing on cutting. The Reception children have also been practise their handwriting and learning how to form their letters correctly – this takes lots of focus and is best done in short bursts.  They are also learning to sit their letters on a line. 


Phonics: Reception Puffins have begun phase 3 this term.  We are able to segment words into their smallest sounds and we are beginning to recall which letters represent these sounds.  They are using their growing knowledge to write simple words/labels and we are beginning to write some short sentences.  Keep up the practise at home, breaking words down into their smallest sounds and writing these down it really helps. Phonics Play is a really good website with games which the children really enjoy and many are free!  Click on the left hand side to enter a phase (Nursery phase 1 and Reception Phase 2 & 3).


Communication, Language and Literacy: This term our focus book has been ‘The Naughtiest Fairy Ever’ and much of our learning has been based around this story.  Having shared the story, we made story maps, sequenced the events to help retell the story, invented additional characters who we can add to the story and begun making labels for a collage.  This week we will think about short descriptions for the characters in the story.


Maths: Every day we practise counting forwards and backwards and reading numbers.  We have also been counting out amounts this term and learning what ‘altogether’ means (counting 2 or more groups to find a total). Last week we were learning about time and finding out the days of the week and months of the year.  We are also learning and understanding the language of yesterday/today/tomorrow.  On Friday in Outdoor Maths we enjoyed playing ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ Using clocks we had made the day before. This week we will sort coins by type, learn the names of the coins and begin paying for items using pennies.


Topic & Science: During Science we are learning about Winter with year 1 Robins and have been understanding some of the events that take place at this time of the year.  We have found out how animals keep warm and helped local birds by making apple and sunflower feeders for them.  During Topic the children have been finding out about Magical Journeys and going on lots of adventures related to transport.


Expressive Art and Design: We have shared our ideas about journeys, and used animals to help stimulate our thinking about journeys.  We have enjoyed using collage materials to decorate animals with Mrs Harrison and also used collage to make a person to label.  We used the reclaimed materials to make Viking long boats and have also enjoyed painting pictures of our favourite Christmas presents.  This term we are learning ‘Winter songs’ to support our learning in science.

Spring 2: