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Autumn 1 & 2

Autumn Term 2

This term our topic is Fabulous Festivals. We will be learning about Diwali, Firework night, Remembrance Day and Christmas. We will be looking at stories to help us understand why we celebrate these festivals. 

Week beginning: 4th December

This week our Elf, Elfie, has been very busy helping us with our learning. On Monday, he bought us his favourite story, Stick Man, to read. We enjoyed listening to the story. On Tuesday, Elfie had tried to make a stick man. He left lots of sticks, string and glue so we could make our own stick men. On Wednesday, we took Elfie to the pantomime 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We had great fun singing and dancing along during the performance.

On Thursday, Elfie had made a mess in class! He had tried to make some salt dough decorations. We worked together with Elfie to make some salt dough decorations for the Christmas Fair next week.

On Friday, Elfie had left instructions for us to make an elf hat! Here we all are wearing our hats:


In phonics, we have been learning our tricky words: I, no, go, the, to, into.


Week beginning: 27th November

This week has been a very exciting week. On Monday and Tuesday we planned the final details for Kipper's birthday party. On Wednesday we made Kipper some birthday cakes following instructions and measuring carefully. On Thursday we decorated the room and then we celebrated Kipper's birthday. We had fruit, crackers or toast and a cake to eat. We played lots of party games including pass the parcel that Kipper had made for us. In the middle of the pass the parcel was a book and a game from Kipper- we had a lovely time. Please see below for pictures of our celebrations.


On Friday when we came into school we had a big surprise,  the elves had visited! They had kindly decorated the classroom and left behind our very own Elf called Elfie. Elfie will be with us for the rest of the term and we are really excited to see what he gets up to!


Sounds we have been learning this week:

b- down the laces to the heel and around the toe

f- down the stem and draw the leaves

l- down the long leg


 Week beginning: 20th November

This week we have been looking at the story Kipper's birthday. We have been busy planning a party for Kipper in school next week where we will bring in our favourite teddy to join us for a party. We have written lists and invitations in preparation for the party.


During phonics we have learning the following sounds:

ck- same rhymes as c and k

e- cut off the top and scoop out the egg

u- down and under, up to the top back down and draw the puddle

r- down the robot, back up and curl over his arm

h- down the horse's head to his hooves and over his back.




Week beginning: 13th November

This week was anti-bullying week so in Puffin class we focused on helping each other, working together and saying kind words.

Our story this week was about Ronald the Rhino and how he didn't think he was special or have any friends. We thought about how we could help Ronald and what makes us special.


In Phonics we have been learning the following sounds:

g- Around the girl's face, down her hair and give her a curl

o- all around the orange

c- curl around the caterpillar

k- down the kangaroo's body, tail and leg


Week beginning: 6th November

This week we have been busy creating firework pictures, describing fireworks and sharing our experiences of firework night. We used lots of glitter, paint, sequins and even made rockets using 2D shapes. We have also been discussing Remembrance Day and making poppies using coloured rice and tissue paper. We joined the rest of the school for Remembrance Service on Friday 13th November where we place our handprint wreath to remember the soldiers.


During phonics we have been learning the following sounds:

i- down the insects body, dot for his head

n- down Nobby, back up and over his net

m- Maisie, mountain, mountain

d- round the dinosaur's bottom, up his tall neck and down to his feet.


Week beginning : 30th October

This week we have been learning all about Diwali. We have been reading and retelling the story of Rama and Sita, making Rangoli patterns using coloured rice and pasta as well as 2D shapes and making paper lanterns. On Thursday, we went to visit Warwick Castle. We had lots of fun! All of the photographs can be found in the main gallery. 

In phonics we have been learning the following sounds along with the rhymes to help us write the letters:

s- slither down the snake

a- round the apple down the leaf

t- down the tower, draw the steps and across the tower

p- down the pirate's plait, back up and round his face.


Autumn Term 1

Week beginning: 9th October

This week we have been reading the story of the Little  Red Hen. We have been retelling the story, discussing the characters and we even made bread like the Little Red Hen (see pictures below) it was very yummy!


After our autumn walk last week we have been looking carefully at the leaves, conkers and some pumpkins in the tuff spot. We have been balancing them, making pictures and used playdough to make autumn creatures. 


In phonics we have been rehearsing our blending skills. Miss Slatter introduced us to Fred Frog who talks in sounds (Fred talk). We have been listening carefully to Fred and blending his words. 


Week beginning: 2nd October

This week we have been sequencing the story of the three little pigs and thinking about the characters in the story.


In maths, we have been counting up to 10 and looking at different ways to make 10 lego brick towers. We discussed how they all looked different but were still made of 10 bricks. We had some fantastic looking towers!


On Friday, we went on an Autumn walk to Church to look at how the colours of the trees change during autumn. We collected lots of leaves, conkers and sticks of a variety of colours. We found green, orange, red, yellow and brown leaves. Please see the pictures below of our walk.


Week beginning: 25th September


This week we have been talking about our favourite characters from the story of the Three Little Pigs. We drew lovely pictures and even begun to write about our character.


In Maths, we have been rehearsing our counting and number skills. We have been counting claps, toys and conkers we have found outside.


During Forest School, we used natural materials to build a scarecrow! He had leaves for hair, conkers for eyes and a pine cone nose. We had lots of fun looking for conkers in the school playground.


For snack this week we have been busy practicing our cutlery skills by spreading jam and butter on to a cracker. It was a little messy but very yummy!


Parent notice:

After forest school and PE this week we have had a lot of misplaced clothes please ensure that your child's clothes are labelled clearly so that we can return the items to their owner. 


Week beginning: 18th September


This week we have been making houses for our three little pigs using a variety of materials. We worked in groups to make a house that could keep Miss Slatter out! 


We have been focusing on rhyming this week in phonics. We have been playing lots of rhyming games, singing nursery rhymes and reading poem and rhyming stories. 


During the afternoons, we have been busy learning about different types of houses and what they look like as well as exploring the computers and bee bot. 


Week beginning: 11th September

This week we have been enjoying exploring and reading the story of the Three Little Pigs- ask us to retell you the story. We have been building houses for the pigs using straw, lolly sticks and lego bricks as well as painting and sticking houses for the display. We also made our own paper plate pigs. 


We have also begun our phonics sessions- each week we will write in the phonics diaries to tell you what we are learning that week. Please ensure the phonics diaries are returned to school on a Monday. 


On Friday, we went to our first Forest School session. This week we stayed at school at our little Forest School and enjoyed building a den, making mud paint and exploring the area.


Below we will put any pictures and letters for your attention. 



Summer term 2

This term our topic is Under the Sea.  We will be looking at the oceans around the world and the animals that live in the oceans. We will be making lots of animals using a variety of materials so please donate any junk modelling items you may have (yoghurt pots, plastic bottles, cereal boxes etc).

We will also be continuing with our growing and will be grateful for any compost that you may be able to donate!

Week beginning 10th July

This week has been a very busy week. We had our play performance on Wednesday, sports day on Thursday followed by a musical workshop on Friday.

For sports day we were split into teams and completed four activities. We worked really hard in our teams and had lots of fun completing the games. We then went onto do some races in our class- what fast runners there are in Puffin class! Please see the news page for the sports day pictures. 


On Friday, we had a special assembly in the marquee. During this assembly we learnt all about guitars, keyboards, drums and vocals to make a rock band. Jamie (from RockSteady) taught us all about keeping the beat and some of us even got to have a go using the instruments to make a band. Please see the pictures and videos on the main gallery. 



During the week we have been looking at floating and sinking, we designed our own boats using tin foil and then tested them. We will make our boats next week so would be very grateful for any junk modelling items such as yoghurt pots and milk bottle tops.



Week beginning 3rd July

On Monday, we had our second transition day. We had lots of fun visiting Robins and worked hard on our writing and maths. In Puffins, we enjoyed playing outside and exploring the construction toys.


We are yet to see our chicks hatch- hopefully next week they will make an appearance.


As the sunshine has returned this week can you please make sure that the children have a water bottle with water in, sun hat and sun cream. We will be playing outside in the shade where possible- thank you to Mr Alder and Mrs Ford for our new shelter over the sand pit.


Week beginning 26th June

What an exciting week we have had. On Wednesday our chick eggs arrived in the post! They are now safely in the incubator keeping warm ready to hatch shortly. We will keep you updated with their progress. 


On Thursday, we had our transition morning. Reception visited Robin Class and had a lovely time making birthday cards whilst Puffins were visited by new members of the class. We painted, explored all the toys and enjoyed playing doctors outside. 


Next Friday (7.07.17) will be our last Forest School session so we will be sending home Forest School kit and wellies next week. 


Week beginning 19th June

What a lovely hot week we have had! As the sun has been shining we have enjoyed lots of water play outside in the shade. We even had water balloons and a sprinkler to play with. We had lots of fun.


During Literacy we have written the story of Tiddler- we have worked really on our letter formations and using finger spaces between the words. We have produced some superb writing!


In Maths, we have been recapping our teen numbers as well as sharing and halving during play. We shared out the water balloons equally between the two teams.


We have also been very busy turning the play house into a mermaid's cave. We have made pictures using wax crayons and water paint to decorate our room as well as hand print crabs and folded fish.


Please continue to rehearse your words at home (red/green). We will be giving out new words to those children who have worked hard on reading and writing them. 


Please remember if the hot weather continues to provide your child with sun cream, sun hat and a water bottle. 


Week beginning 12th June

This week we have looked in detail at the story of Tiddler. We have been sequencing the story and retelling it. Please ask us about the story of Tiddler.


In maths, we have been looking at sharing and teen numbers. We have worked really hard on counting past 10.


During topic we have created lots of animal pictures, seaweed and have begun to name the five oceans of the world. In music we have been learning lots of sea songs- I'm sure the children will sing them to you!


Please continue to rehearse your words at home (red/green). We will be giving out new words to those children who have worked hard on reading and writing them. 


Week beginning 5th June

This week we have begun to make lots of underwater animals. We have made some jellyfish and have begun to make a large octopus using papier mache. During maths we made tentacles using paper chains we had to count up to 20 and work out how many more rings we had to add to our paper chains to make 20. 


In literacy, we have begun to look at the story of Tiddler. Throughout this term we will be looking closely at this story and beginning to write parts about the characters as well as recreate the story. 


We are still in need of compost for our seeds. If you have any left over at home we would be very grateful! Thank you.